FileMaker Server Available for Linux

Linux is here! We’re so excited that with the launch of Claris FileMaker Server 19.1.2, you can host your FileMaker apps on the world’s most popular open-source platform. Now, as part of Claris’ open release of FileMaker 19, deploy FileMaker Server on CentOS Linux alongside Windows and Mac. 

Not only does this offering satisfy one of our top customer requests from Claris developers, IT pros, and server administrators, it also makes FileMaker Server deployments more affordable than ever. 

Importantly, whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux, the latest release comes packed with improvements, including:

  • Stability and reliability improvements. 
  • Easier upgrades to FileMaker Server.
  • Support of advanced security certificates.

Read additional content about Linux directly from Claris themselves.

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